How to determine if a site is worthy of being put into your private blog network

You can find out if a site is worthy of being placed in a private blog network by various aspects of that site. First you want to look at the URL string or the name of the site. If it seems as if it is very spamming then often times it will be very spamming. If the URL string looks like it was once upon a time a real site or a business then often times you want to look further into that because generally these types of sites have good links going to it because the previous owner was not attempting to spam their own site they were attempting to build it as a asset to their business. When you find sites like this you want to do very deep into them making sure that they have quality back links as well as many other factors. One of the first things you want to do is look at the anchor text portfolio. You want to make sure that there anchor text portfolio seems very realistic as if they were real site which hopefully they were you want to make sure that they don’t have any spam he anchor text or any anchor text that gives a way that somebody else had previously bought the site repurposed it for something else. Once you have done this want to look at the actual back links of the site. You want to do this because you want to see if they have links pointing to that site that are relevant for the topics that they have on that website.

When looking at the back links you want to make sure that they are credible sources and not a bunch of spammy blog posts. You can also click on links to these back links and see if the links to those pages are still within those websites. This will show you the trust as well as the amount of power the site may have to it. Once you do this you want to take careful notes of all of the various metrics associates the website. Things you want to pay attention to our the URL rating, the domain rating, the domain authority, the page authority, the trust flow, and the citation flow. You want to annotate all of these various aspects on an Excel spreadsheet or any other various way you wish to take down your information so that you can compare them to other sites so you are aware of the amount of money you should place for a bit when purchasing these domains. I personally have an Excel spreadsheet with hundreds of sites on the that I look for and I’ve carefully marked down all of the various aspects of the sites as well as the price that they sold for an auction. This allows me to judge the fair market value of any domains in which I am bidding on because I have tons of information that allows me to validate whether or not the price that the domain is going up for auction is worth the price it is going to be paid for. I’ve personally bought sites that should’ve gone for hundreds of dollars for merely 12 bucks and I have also seen sites that shouldn’t have gone for more than $30 cell for over 500. By doing this it allows you to be one step ahead of the game and see which sites are going for good prices in which sites are going for bad prices. This also allows me to check in on these domains that I can see what the individuals who of purchase these domains are using them for. Often times they are other individuals buying sites for their private blog network so I can see all the different niches in the ways in which they build them out so that I can learn what my competition is doing.

Finally before you purchase an auction domain you want to check it in the way back machine. What the way back machine as is it is a site that goes from website to website and take snapshots of the information is on that site for that given time. It will go back from the very beginning of the sites existence all the way into the present. What this allows you to do is to see what kind of information has been on that site previously. It will allow you to see whether or not the site you are going to purchase was a real site or if it was a fake site. By fake site I mean a site that was built with the intentions of raking other sites within the search engines. If it was a real site you will clearly be able to tell but you must look very carefully at all of the various things that are on the website. One of the reasons why you want to do this is largely due to the fact that you can build sites from the way back machine that you will turn into PBN’s and simply hide your links within those pages. This is a very sneaky tactics that not many people do but it is something that you need to be aware of when purchasing auction domains. You want to look at things such as the titles and the footer links when doing this. You also want to make sure that you look through all of the years and as many of the possible images that you can because often times someone will buy the site and use it as a PBN for a year or two and then a wolf go back into the domain auction and somebody will pick it up and turn it back into a real site. I know people personally who have not taken the time to look to all the various pages within the way back machine and they have bought domains that look very clean on top when you dig a little bit deeper they are very dirty and they have virtually wasted the money on the sites because they are penalized or de-indexed with in the search engines meaning that they are worthless.