How to hide footprints in regards to search engine optimization

There are many ways you can go about hiding footprints in regard to search engine optimization but they are very fundamental practices that need to be taken into consideration in regards to covering up your footprints. First of all you want to make sure that you have a various number of plug-ins on a given site. If you have 100 sites in each one of them have the exact same six plug-ins and they are all pointing to the same money site then you can assume that all those sites were intentionally manipulated and built in order to move within the search engines or manipulate the search engines. This is something that is very easy for search engines to find and can very easily be targeted and taken out with one swoop of their algorithm. I’m not saying this because it is a thought that I have but it’s something that I have personally seen and I have a friend has lost thousands of sites overnight because of small footprint issues he did not take into consideration. Another thing you want to take into consideration is the optimization of the links pointing to a given site your attempting to rank with in the search engines. You want to divvy up your anchor text and variate so that you do not cause an over optimization problem because you get to overzealous with your abilities to rank sites with in the search engines. This can also lead to footprint issues but even more so than that it can lead to the indexing and penalties associated to over optimization. If you are over optimized in the search engines will red flag you and they will take a deeper look into your site often times will have their manual review team dig deeper into their site.

One thing you need to take into consideration is the fact you can very easily gain the robots in search engines in regards to their algorithms but if you have your site look at by a manual review team then often times it is very easy for them to find out that you are gaming the system which will lead to the indexing and penalties for all the sites associated to a given money site you are attempting to rank. This is one of the biggest things you need to stay away from and like I said in my previous articles you need to hide in plain sight in regards to ranking sites within search engines. The next thing you want to take into consideration when hiding footprints is the fact that you will have to have all the sites pointing to a given money site on various different IP’s and different servers. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact the search engines are probability-based meaning if you have more than one link coming from the same IP’s this is very unrealistic. You may be able to get away with it once or twice but if you have several sites linking to a given money site all from the same IP then this is extremely unnatural in the search engines will be able to very easily find you. One such example of this is the fact that there are many hosting services out there that say that they will give you a dedicated IP for each one of your websites and you can have between 10 or even 1000 sites hosted from the same house with different IP’s for each site. One thing that they didn’t take into consideration was to who and information pointing from these links to which left a footprint which was very easily found by the search engines after a little digging and every site within that hosting company was simultaneously and instantly de-indexed or penalized within the search engines.

Hiding footprints can become a very tedious and hard-fought battle because it can become very expensive and very tricky after you have so many links pointing to a given money site especially if you are attempting to rank for very high competitive keywords. You also want to make sure that the sites you are putting within your private blog network are good sites that are hopefully bought at auction. The reason why you want to buy them an auction is due to the fact that they keep their domain age and the longer the domain has been around the more trust that has within the search engines. If you have a site that is old and very powerful which is been trust within the search engines the power of passes to another site is very strong these are the things and attributes you are looking for. So remember in order to hide your footprints you must very up plug-ins pointing to a given site while also making sure that you have different IP’s for each site linking to a given money say. In regards to this you will want to take my word for it not figure out the hard way for yourself because you can lose thousands of dollars overnight if you are not careful with the things you are doing in regards to ranking sites with in the search engines.