How to keep your private blog network secure

There are many ways you can go about making sure your private blog network is secure. First and foremost the most important thing you need to take into consideration when building a private blog network is the fact that all the domain you put within your private blog network and link to each individual money site needs to be hosted within a separate hosting account. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact you need to cover up the footprints created by having reciprocal IP’s coming from the same hosting account all point to one site. The reasoning why you need to make sure that you don’t do this is largely due to the fact this is a huge footprint that the search engines of caught on to it and found out they will de-index all the sites within that specific network and sometimes they will de-index all the sites on the net specific IP. Even if there are countless other individuals who has their sites within those IP’s all the sites will become the indexed. This is one of the things you want to take in consideration of pay very careful attention to one building out a private blog network. Another thing you taken a consideration when building sites this way is the fact that it can become very expensive and you will spend thousands of dollars on hosting because you will need to have a separate hosting account for each individual site you wish to point to a given money site. For example if you need 50 links pointing to one given site to have it rank for a given keyword then you will have to have 50 different hosting accounts in order to fulfill those needs. If you have more specific questions about this topic or any topic regarding to SEO feel free to contact one of our close friends, you can find them by checking out the follow clickable links. Tell them we sent you and they’ll give you a massive discount:, detroit seo agency, Top Tier Marketing SEO Grand Rapids Page – Grand Rapids SEO Firm, sterling heights seo, top tier marketing seo – warren seo.

The next thing you want to do when making sure your private blog network is secure is to constantly update all the plug-ins you have within that private blog network. This is a huge thing you need to take into consideration because if you do up that the plug-ins that you are leaving a very vulnerable spot for individuals who wish to hack your site and get into it. The reason why these plug-ins are consistently updated is largely due to the fact that the owners of the plug-ins or the people working on the software have found a hole that has been exploited by hackers so they need to fix it up and then update the plug-in for everyone using that specific plug-in. It is very easy for individuals to find out what plug-ins you have pointing to your site by going out and crawling the web looking for that specific plug-in on all the sites in the web and then they will have the robots attempt to break into it through the back door. This can be easily avoided if you consistently and routinely update all of the plugin’s and you have on the sites within your private blog network as well as the money sites you are attempting to rank with in the search engines. You also want to make sure that you use plug-ins that hundreds of thousands of people have used because you do not want to be that small group of people who are using one specific plug-in for all of your sites because this is very easy for the search engines to see and pinpoint all of the sites using the specific plug-ins in order to manipulate the search engines rank highly. One thing you always want to keep in mind is the fact that you are attempting to hide in plain sight and not stand out amongst the crowd to get yourself caught.

Finally you will want to use a password that is very difficult to figure out. For example you want to use lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. One way that I can figure out passwords are very confusing and hard to figure out as I will think of three random words and then place them into the password together in addition to numbers and symbols. My method behind this is the fact that many bots will go out and they will attempt to just add a various number of letters digits and symbols together until they cracked the code but if you have a variation of random numbers in conjunction with each other as well as numbers and symbols than these coats cannot be figured out easily. They are even difficult for me to remember and I have and Excel spreadsheet full of hundreds of passwords that I need to remember in order to get into the various sites I own. You also may want to use words that are important to you but not important to other such as the name of the hospital you are born and or the city you grew up in as well as various numbers that you choose such as a 2, 3 or four digit pin with the symbol on the end of it for your passwords. If you make these passwords difficult to imitate then you can rest assured that most people will not figure out the password to your site even if they have the username of a given site they are attempting to hack into. You just need to make sure that you cover up all of your footprints and keep very good track of all of the various passwords and usernames you use for the various websites you are building both money site and private blog network sites.